Charlie Hebdo attack witness: "It was like an eternity"

New details from inside Charlie Hebdo attack 02:09

The massacre at Charlie Hebdo on Wednesday left the office in chaos. Papers spread everywhere, splashed with the blood of the dead and the injured.

The killings, along with chilling images caught on video of two masked gunmen firing assault rifles on a quiet Paris street, have traumatized this country -- especially those who witnessed it firsthand.

Like the journalists from a neighboring office who escaped onto the roof.

It was their boss, Benoit Bringer, who led them to safety out the window.

"When we started to go there we heard the shooting in the building, and it was Kalashnikovs," he told CBS News' Elizabeth Palmer.

"We kept hearing the shooting. It was maybe, I don't know, five or 10 minutes. But for us it was like an eternity.

"It was very scary, of course, but we didn't realize yet there was a massacre."

The pile of flowers continues to grow on the spot where policeman Ahmed Merabet was so cruelly and publicly executed on Wednesday.