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Parents arrested for sending son, 5, to burglarize grandparents

NEW ORLEANS -- A five-year-old boy broke into his grandparents' New Orleans-area home -- reportedly under the direction of his parents -- and now those parents have been arrested for allegedly "commissioning" the burglary, reports CBS affiliate KHOU.

Police officers were alerted to the crime by a house alarm in LaPlace, La. When the grandparents went to investigate they found all the windows and doors locked, reports the station. But they did see the accordion spacers next to an air conditioner had been pushed in, and the opening was too small for an adult to enter.

The station also reported that witnesses gave deputies enough information to match a description of the five-year-old. The boy's grandmother reportedly said her son may have encouraged the child to break into the house.

Authorities arrested Anthony Wilson, 30, and his wife, Casey Ramsey, 27, and charged them with crimes related to burglary and juvenile delinquency.

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