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Paper Seeks Medical Marijuana Critic

Westword, a newspaper in Denver, is looking to recruit a new critic.

This critic wouldn't be reviewing movies or food, but another commodity entirely -- medical marijuana.

Patricia Calhoun, editor of the newspaper, said on "The Early Show" that many people have been interested in the position, which is to review Colorado's medical marijuana dispensaries.

Calhoun said there isn't a typical applicant. She said the resumes she's received this week vary widely, from engineers who have taken medical marijuana for chronic pain to amateur pot smokers who have taken the substance for 20 years.

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"The longer they've been smoking pot, the less they use punctuation," Calhoun said. "It will make my job always harder. We still use periods."

But will the critic get to know the product through personal experience?

Calhoun said, "(The critic) will certainly have to sample the product."

And there's plenty of that product in Colorado, according to Calhoun, who said the business of medical marijuana is thriving in the state.

"It is like the wild West out here. We've had the constitutional amendment in 2000 making medical marijuana legal, and it is so broad that now it is unbelievable booming business," she said. "There's almost no regulation at all on it, and given the Fed's decision that came down on Monday, in which people aren't supposed to be prosecuted for buying medical marijuana in these states, we are getting new dispensaries every day in Denver."

But is the marijuana indeed medicinal?

Calhoun said that's what the discussion is all about.

She said, "Some people are a little skeptical about just how many people who get their medical marijuana cards are using it for pain, and how many are using it for pleasure."

For more with Calhoun on "The Early Show," click on the video below.

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