Papal butler to face trial over document leaks

(CBS News) On Saturday, a papal butler with daily access to Pope Benedict is due to stand trial for using this access to obtain and leak secret documents. Paolo Gabriele is accused of stealing the pope's personal and official documents and leaking them to an Italian journalist. He is charged with aggravated theft.

According to CBS correspondent Allen Pizzey, the most significant reveleations uncovered in the leaked papers involve nepotism, corruption and cronyism in the awarding of Vatican contracts to outside companies. Several others concerned the Vatican bank.

For his part, Gabriele reportedly believes he was doing God's work and saw himself as an "agent of the Holy Spirit," helping to clean up corruption within the Catholic church. He had pleaded guilty and asked for a papal pardon. Pizzey reports that the pardon will likely be granted at the end of the trial. If convicted, Gabriele faces up to four years in jail.

The trial will be conducted on Saturday within the court at Vatican city. CBS legal analyst Jack Ford joined "CBS This Morning" to share his insight on the possible repercussions for Gabriele and how the scandal will play out for the Vatican. To hear from Ford and for more on Gabriele's role as the pope's butler, watch the video above.