Papal butler takes stand in his own trial

(CBS News) Pope Benedict's former butler is testifying in his own trial this morning. Paolo Gabrielle is on trial for leaking sensitive and personal papal documents to an Italian journalist.

Gabrielle confessed as soon as he was discovered and claimed he leaked the documents in an effort to help the pope and to root out "evil and corruption" within the Catholic church.

In the last few days of the trial, The judge threw out a request to have the report of a panel of three cardinals by the pope to investigate the crime included as evidence.

The trial is being conducted at a courthouse within Vatican City and solely on the basis of the investigation of the Vatican's own police and prosecutor.

Witnesses who will take the stand include Pope Benedict's personal secretary, one of the women who cleans the papal apartments, the head of the Vatican Gendarmerie, and the deputy commander of the Swiss Guard.