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Palin's Consignment Shop's Owner Speaks

Sarah Palin says she doesn't wear the clothes anymore that have been in focus since it was revealed the Republican National Committee spent $150,000 to outfit her and her family with designer items from posh stores.

Addressing the controversy on the campaign trail in Florida Sunday, Palin told a crowd she's "back to wearing my own clothes from my favorite consignment shop in Anchorage, Alaska."

That shop is called "Out of the Closet" and its owner, Ellen Arvold, told Early Show co-anchor Julie Chen Monday that Palin's been wearing similar outfits on the stump to what she buys at the shop.

Palin "started shopping here while she was running for governor, so it's been about three years," Arvold said.

"She shops for herself mostly," Arvold continued, "but she often brings her daughters with her, and they will pick out some things for themselves. She likes jackets. She buys kind of classic, feminine, fitted jackets. She likes leather jackets. Her girls have bought jeans here and also some jackets and knit tops."

Prices in "Out of the Closet" vary widely, Arvold said, "from a knit top for $16 to a handbag for $800, but our prices are generally very reasonable. I would say a normal price for a jacket would be between $40 and $100."

Arvold wouldn't say how much Palin typically spends at the shop "because she's a client, and I value her privacy. But I think she could probably come in and buy our whole store three-times-over for $150,000!"

Asked if the clothes she sells look much different from what we've been seeing Palin wear on the campaign trail, Arvold replied, "I don't really think her style has changed too much. She still wears beautiful suits, tailored jackets that are feminine, but still classic. I've seen her wear, you know, her typical high heels and boots. So, no, I don't think her style has changed too much. I have only seen a few pieces that she's bought here on the campaign trail, but, no, I think she looks great."

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