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Palin To Talk To ABC

PALIN TO TALK TO ABC.... I expected them to drag this out a lot more, but a focus group probably told the McCain campaign it didn't look good to hide the vice presidential candidate. So, Charlie Gibson will get the first sit-down interview.

Republican vice presidential running mate Sarah Palin is offering her first televised interview to ABC News in the coming week in Alaska. Palin, the surprise pick of Republican presidential nominee John McCain, has been giving campaign speeches alongside the Arizona senator since the GOP convention but has not sat down for an interview about her views.

A McCain-Palin adviser says an interview was offered to ABC's Charlie Gibson several days ago and that they expect it to happen in the latter part of the week in Alaska. Palin is the governor of Alaska and is expected to return home at midweek after more joint appearances with McCain.

I guess Gibson was deemed "deferential" enough.

Should be interesting.

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