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Palin To Appear On SNL?

As Saturday Night Live viewers well know, Tina Fey's much-talked-about impression of GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin has not been kind to the Alaska governor. It may even have played a role in fixing the public perception of the candidate, which, at least until last week's vice presidential debate, has largely been on the decline since she exploded onto the national scene.

Now the Chicago Sun-Times reports that Palin may appear on Saturday Night Live herself, potentially to make fun of Fey's American Express commercials. Bill Zwecker reports that while some McCain staffers want Palin to simply keep joking about Fey's impression on the campaign trail – she wrote "I'm not Tina Fey" on one backer's cell phone – others believe it is important that she appear on the show herself.

Palin would be far from the first candidate to appear on SNL after an unflattering portrayal. Earlier this year, Hillary Clinton appeared on the show standing next to an identically-dressed Amy Poehler, who had mockingly portrayed her, presumably to show she is in on the joke.

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