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Palin Talks with Oprah About Katie Couric, Levi Johnston

Sarah Palin did not believe her 2008 interview with CBS News Anchor Katie Couric would be a defining moment in the presidential election, she tells Oprah Winfrey in an upcoming interview -- but she knew it was bad.

The McCain campaign, however, thought the interview went well, Palin tells Winfrey in an interview that will broadcast Monday.

"The campaign said, right on. Good. You're showing your independence," Palin said, according to an excerpt from the interview. "And of course I'm thinking, if you thought that was a good interview, I don't know what a bad interview is because I knew it was a bad interview."

Palin was lampooned by Saturday Night Live for the interview, which some called a "turning point" in the campaign.

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The former Alaska governor also told Winfrey she'd like to tamp down the feud she has with Levi Johnston, the father of her grandson. Winfrey asked if Johnston would be attending Thanksgiving dinner with the Palins.

"It's lovely to think that he would ever even consider such a thing," Palin said. "Because of course you want -- he is a part of the family and you want to bring him in the fold and kind of under your wing. And he needs that, too, Oprah. I think he needs to know that he is loved and he has the most beautiful child and this can all work out for good."

She added, "We're not really into the drama... We have other things to concentrate on."

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