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Palin Soldiers On Through The Rain

From CBS News' Scott Conroy:

(FREDERICKSBURG, VA.) - In warm, sunny Florida yesterday, Sarah Palin held two indoor rallies. Now that she's stumping across cold, rainy Virginia, the Alaska governor has the misfortune of having scheduled three outdoor events across the state.

In Fredericksburg, what started as a cool drizzle when Palin took the stage, turned into a steady, uncomfortable rain by the time she was halfway through her remarks. But the Republican VP nominee was unfazed.

"By the way, I love this weather because it reminds me of home," she said.

As the rain came down harder, some in the crowd ducked under trees and others covered their heads using campaign signs, but Palin didn't even request an umbrella as she stood on stage, calmly reading through her prepared remarks.

Palin continued to warn of the potential hazards of a complete Democratic takeover of the federal government.

"Friends, if big government spenders control the House and the Senate, and heaven forbid the White House, they will have that monopoly of power in Washington, D.C.," she said.

"The Obama-Pelosi-Reid agenda would put America on the path—it would be a path that erodes the work ethic, that strong work ethic that made this country so great."

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