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Palin on Oil Drilling: "Yes, We Can!"

Sarah Palin has found a renewable source of energy in her party's quest for a comeback. "Drill, baby, drill," she writes in a National Review opinion piece, echoing a slogan she employed often on the campaign trail last year.

As the Obama administration continues to search for ways to jump-start the economy, Palin argues that an expansion of oil drilling will create jobs and reduce our nation's dependency on foreign exporters.

With billions of dollars slated to be used for highway work, Palin argues that driving should be made more affordable, so that the highway repairs will be worth the effort.

"Given that we're spending billions of stimulus dollars to rebuild our highways, it makes sense to think about what we'll be driving on them," writes Palin. "For years to come, most of what we drive will be powered, at least in part, by diesel fuel or gasoline...That means we need to drill here and drill now."

In her argument, Palin noted that drilling policies in the U.S. were less harmful to the environment than those of major oil exporters abroad.

"Many of the countries we're forced to import from have few if any environmental-protection laws, and those that do exist often go unenforced," writes Palin. "In effect, American environmentalists are preventing responsible development here at home while supporting irresponsible development overseas."

Palin also addressed alternative energy sources, but called for a diverse range of energy options depending on location.

"Electric cars might work in Los Angeles, but they don't work in Alaska, where you can drive hundreds of miles without seeing many people, let alone many electrical sockets," Palin writes.

She also proposes an increase in natural gas usage as a compromise.

"It contains fewer pollutants than other fossil fuels, it's easier to collect and process, and it is found throughout our country," Palin writes. "Natural gas can act as a clean 'bridge fuel' to a future when more renewable sources are available."

Palin concludes on a note which echoes President Obama's campaign slogan last year to spur her supporters into action.

"Alternative sources of energy are part of the answer, but only part," she writes. "There's no getting around the fact that we still need to 'drill, baby, drill!' And if those in D.C. say otherwise, we need to tell them: 'Yes, we can!'"

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