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Palin On Michigan Pullout: "I Want To Try"

From CBS News' Scott Conroy:

(DALLAS) Sarah Palin's favorite movies are "Hoosiers" and "Rudy", and just like the underdog protagonists in those sports classics, she doesn't want to give up.

Palin told Fox News' Carl Cameron that she disagreed with the McCain campaign's decision to pull its advertising and staffers out of Michigan, effectively ceding the state to Barack Obama.

"I fired off a quick email and said, 'Oh, come on. You know, do we have to? Do we have to call it there?'" Palin said.

Palin said the move to pull out of the state that was narrowly won by Democrats in the last four presidential elections was no surprise, given the Republican ticket's lagging poll numbers there. But until very recently, Michigan had been one of the McCain campaign's prime blue-state targets. Palin's disappointment in the decision to give up on winning there was palpable.

"Todd and I, we'd be happy to get to Michigan and walk through those plants of the car manufacturers," Palin said. "We'd be so happy to get to speak with the people there in Michigan who are hurtin' because the economy is hurtin'."

Palin said that she and her husband could relate to people in the state where the economy has been struggling even longer and more severely than it has in the country as a whole.

"I want to get back to Michigan and I want to try," Palin said.

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