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Palin On Good Guys Vs. Bad Guys

From CBS News' Scott Conroy:

(ST. CLAIRSVILLE, Ohio) At an outdoor rally in this rural town in coal country, Sarah Palin told a cheering crowd that one of the reasons they should support her and John McCain is that the Republicans know that terrorists are "the bad guys."

"We understand how important it is that this team be elected," Palin said. "For one thing, we know who the bad guys are, OK? We know—we know that in the war, it's terrorists, terrorists who hate America and her allies and would seek to destroy us, and the bad guys are those who would support and sympathize with the terrorists. They do not like America because of what we stand for: liberty, freedom, equal rights."

Palin extrapolated her "good guys vs. bad guys" outlook into the realm of economic policy, promising to end "arrogant and selfish practices" in government and business.

"Now in the economic crisis that we're in, we know there, too, who the bad guys are," she said. "In this time of economic crisis, we know it's been those who have been greedy and corrupt and arrogant and have taken advantage of hardworking honest Americans. And just as important though, we know who the good guys are, and it is you, and we will fight for you, and we will put government on your side. We will end the arrogant and the selfish practices of Washington and of Wall Street because your United States government is to be of the people, by the people, for the people."

The Republican vice presidential nominee also took a rare, direct jab at President Bush, whose approval rating continues to hover in the low 20s.

"America just can't afford another big spender in the White House," Palin said.

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