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Palin: Obama's Speeches Can't Protect The Country

From CBS News' Scott Conroy:

(ERIE, PA.) - Shifting gears to focus on national security issues here on Thursday, Sarah Palin said that Barack Obama would not be able to keep the country safe.

"You know, a man can be admirable in many ways, and promising, and yet still not be ready for the most important and demanding job in the world," Palin said after holding a roundtable meeting here on national security. "Rousing speeches can fill a stadium, but they cannot keep this country safe."

Palin was flanked on stage by national security leaders including former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge, Former CIA Director Jim Woolsey, Navy Secretary John Lehman, Ambassador Rich Williamson, Rear Admiral Marsha Evans, and Lieutenant General Carol Mutter, all of whom she met with earlier in the day behind closed doors.

At a rally here following the meeting, Palin told the crowd of several thousand that although economic issues may be at the forefront of most voters' minds, the country risks ignoring national security challenges at its own peril.

"Gone are the days when we had placed domestic and foreign concerns in two distinct categories and just choose a president according to the priorities of the moment," she said. "On November 4th, we need to elect a president who can handle the difficulties in the economy and the dangers of the world all at the same time."

Palin criticized Obama for airing a 30-minute advertisement on national television on Wednesday night that didn't concentrate more on foreign policy and domestic security.

"Instead, he wrapped his closing message in a warm and fuzzy, scripted infomercial intended to soften the focus in these closing days," she said. "He's hoping your mind won't wander to the real challenges of national security, challenges that he is incapable of meeting."

The crowd cheered Palin's remarks on national security issues, but they were less enthusiastic about her take on the World Series.

"So glad to be here in your beautiful hometown here in Pennsylvania, and I am thrilled to be here in the home state of the world champion Philadelphia Phillies," Palin said.

Erie residents being a mix of Cleveland Indians and Pittsburgh Pirates fans, several responded with loud boos, while others rewarded Palin with blank stares.

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