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Palin Invited to Iowa GOP Dinner

Despite announcing her resignation as Alaskan governor with 18 months to spare, Sarah Palin is still a sought-after asset in the Republican Party.

The Des Moines Register is reporting that Iowan Republicans have extended a hand to Palin to headline the annual Reagan Day Dinner, set for this fall.

Iowa GOP Executive Director Jeff Boeyink told the Register that the party had been pursuing Palin since January and that her resignation has increased the effort to secure her at the fundraising event.

Boeyink's confirmation came after Senator Chuck Grassley told the The Des Moines Register Wednesday that he believes Palin would be a good fundraiser for Iowa.

"I think she has quite a following in Iowa, and maybe I'm impressed because, at three events I spent with her in Iowa during the last campaign, she had bigger turnouts than McCain had," Grassley said.

Additionally, Palin has been tapped to campaign for Texas Governor Rick Perry's reelection next year.

Not all Republicans running for reelection are actively seeking support from Palin, however. Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell said that there had been contact between his and Palin's camps, and he called her a "great spokesman." But did not go on to say that he wanted her support.

New Jersey GOP Chairmen Jay Webber, meanwhile, said that he has had no contact with Palin concerning the possibility of campaigning for GOP gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie.

"We don't have any plans on having her in," Webber told the Associated Press.

Republican National Chairmen Michael Steele told the AP that he, at least, believes Palin's participation in both the New Jersey and Virginia races would benefit Republican candidates.

"She is an important and galvanizing voice in the Republican Party. I believe she will be very helpful to the party this year as we wage critical campaigns in Virginia and New Jersey," Steele said.