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Palin: "Government Is The Problem, Doggone It!"

From CBS News' Scott Conroy:

(NEW PORT RICHEY, FLA.) - Sarah Palin pressed her argument that Barack Obama would move the country in a dramatically leftward direction.

"Our opponent's plan is just for more bigger government, and doggone it, government is the problem, not the solution," Palin said at a rally here.

"So, John and I, we just have the complete opposite approach in all of this, the opposite commitment which is so much better. Instead of taking more of your hard-earned money and then spreading that out according to a politician's priorities, we're gonna spread opportunity so you can create new wealth. That's equal opportunity."

Palin accused Obama of trying to "exploit the fear and worries" of senior citizens in Florida who are concerned about maintaining their Social Security and Medicare benefits, calling it "the oldest and cheapest kind of politics there is."

Later in the speech, she warned that Obama did not believe in gun rights, a charge the Democratic nominee has repeatedly denied.

"We believe in the forward movement of freedom, not in the constant expansion of government, and we believe that the virtues of freedom are still worth fighting for," Palin said. "And though Barack Obama disagrees with some of that freedom, it includes the full rights and liberties under the 2nd Amendment."

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