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Palin: First Dude "Looks Like One Of The Secret Service Guys"

From CBS News' Scott Conroy:

(CHILLICOTHE, OHIO) - Sarah Palin is no Joe Biden when it comes to cracking jokes on the campaign trail, but she proved here this afternoon that she can make the occasional funny observation.

Palin had just taken the stage at an outdoor rally in this picturesque southern Ohio town, which is located about an hour outside Columbus, when she noticed that she wasn't being flanked by her usual sidekick.

"Someone I'd like you to meet--he didn't come out on stage with me," Palin said. "I'll have to find him, but it's my husband, Alaska's First Dude. I know he looks like one of the Secret Service guys, and so if you read any gossip about any spotting of me holding hands with a Secret Service guy, it's my husband Todd."

Palin's husband, a champion snowmobiler, certainly has the physique to meet the minimum qualifications for an agent. His Secret Service codename is "Driller."

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