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Pakistan reporter killed after claimed threats

KARACHI, Pakistan - Hundreds are mourning a Pakistani journalist slain this week after he reported being threatened by intelligence agents.

Syed Saleem Shahzad wrote about terrorism and security for the Asia Times Online and other publications. Police said the 40-year-old's body bore signs of torture when it was found Tuesday after he had been missing for two days.

In a recent article, Shahzad claimed the Pakistani navy had likely been infiltrated by members of al Qaeda, reports The Washington Post. He claimed it was those insurgents who made it possible for militants to stage a deadly attack on a naval base.

After that report, Shahzad told Human Rights Watch of threats from Pakistani intelligence officers. His funeral was held Wednesday in Karachi.

According to the Post, Shahzad was found 100 miles from his home in the capital city with his face badly beaten.

Pakistani is one of the deadliest countries for reporters. Journalists face threats from militants and security agencies.

A Pakistan's intelligence agency spokesman denies it had anything to do with Shahzad's death. The spokesman requested anonymity because he wasn't authorized to talk to the media.

"Show us the proof. Otherwise, it's totally absurd," an ISI official told the Post.

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