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Pakistani nationals studying in Kyrgyzstan asked to stay indoors after mobs attack foreigners, foreign ministry says

Pakistan asked the thousands of its nationals studying or working in Kyrgyzstan to stay indoors after mobs attacked foreigners in the capital Friday night over some dispute with migrants, the Foreign Ministry said Saturday.

According to local media, the violence began last week following a clash between Kyrgyz people and foreigners in Bishkek.

In a statement, the ministry said the Pakistani embassy in Bishkek was in contact with the Kyrgyz government to ensure the safety and security of its nationals after Friday night's riots in the the city. Some of the injured Pakistani students were treated at a local hospital in Bishkek, it said.

"The Government of Pakistan takes the matter of the safety and security of its national around the world very seriously and will take all necessary measures to ensure their wellbeing," the statement added.

Victory Square near Kyrgyz Range, Bishkek, Frunze, Kyrgyzstan
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Jeremy Woodhouse/Blend Images / Getty Images

On Saturday, Pakistan summoned a Kyrgyz diplomat to lodge a protest over the violence against its nationals.

Pakistan's Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif also expressed his concern over the attacks on Pakistani students. In a statement, he said he is immediately sending a senior Cabinet minister to Bishkek to supervise efforts to ensure the wellbeing of students who have been wounded in the attacks.

Those who wanted to return home from Bishkek would be provided all help, Sharif added.

Pakistani authorities say they are unable to confirm if any of their nationals died in the attacks.

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