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Little girl has big idea to educate the world's forgotten children

8-year-old to send portable desks to Uganda
8-year-old to send portable desks to Uganda 01:35

Grapevine, Texas — A young girl from Texas will soon be packing for a special mission halfway around the world. Her goal is to change lives.

At just 8 years old, Paisley Elliott uses her globe, not for play but for planning a trip to Uganda.

Elliott's passion is helping the most vulnerable. When she was only 4, she heard about refugees in a Bible class, which led to a lot of tough questions for her mom Tali Jones.

"I'm kind of bending down with my phone on Google looking up which countries are safest and which ones are taking in the most refugees because this was not a topic I was planning to discuss with a 4-year-old," Jones told CBS News.

Paisley Elliott is planning a trip to Uganda to change lives. Handout

Elliott's curiosity became a call to action. That's the reason for her trip to Uganda. With help from some experienced adults, she plans to deliver do-it-yourself school desks made of 100% sustainable wood.

Interlocking pieces that can be transformed into a pop-up classroom.

There's also a toolbox with pencils and learning kits made for hundreds of kids in a refugee camp.

"If we do not help them, because the adults aren't, then who will help them?" Elliott asked. "I mean they're just like you and me."

Elliott will deliver the first portable classrooms at the end of the month, teaching a lesson to all of us about caring.

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