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Pager & Organizer Built Into a Watch

Teamwork from Timex, Motorola and Microsoft. I'm Fred Fishkin with Bootcamp, a report on computers and technology. Timex made a big splash earlier this year with its new line of watches with built in pagers using technology from Motorola. They're called Beepwear. Now they've combined those pager watches with the Datalink technology Timex had developed with Microsoft and they're calling it Beepwear Pro. Beepwear's Victora Durkin says it's a new kind of wrist instrumentÂ…

"We've decided that everyone knows that real estate in terms of how many devices you want to carry around anymore is becoming very, very valuable. And so what we intend to do is put multiple functionality into something that everybody is carrying around with them now, which is wrist worn device."
With Beepwear Pro you can have nationwide paging service from SkyTel on your wrist. There are options for text as well as numeric messages. The Datalink technology lets you download names and phone numbers to the watch by entering the information into your PC and then holding the watch in front of the monitor. It's that easy. What about batteries?

"We get at least two months of battery life off a very, very easily obtained battery. Which is the small 675 hearing aid cell, and those are available everywhere."

And they are easily installed. Beepwear Pro should be on the market next month. You can find more information at

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