Pa. man arrested after allegedly gnawing on woman's head

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(CBS) HAWLEY, Pa.- Richard Ciminio Jr., a 20-year-old from Doylestown, faces charges of aggravated assault, indecent exposure and burglary after he was found bloody and naked after allegedly gnawing on a woman's head, according to CBS Philadelphia.

The bizarre incident occurred early in the morning of Sept.7 when Ciminio allegedly parked his car behind a home, got out, and stripped down to his underwear.

According to state police, Ciminio then tried to break into a home unsuccessfully before proceeding to take off his underwear and break into another home on Hudson Street. Inside this home, police say, Ciminio jumped out of a window from the second floor, causing injuries to his arms and legs when he hit the ground.

Police say that Ciminio then tackled a woman walking down the street, injuring her and covering her in blood. He allegedly "began to gnaw" at the victim's head while "screaming like an animal."

The two females escaped and called the police, who found the suspect lying in the roadway, covered in blood, and exhibiting "delusional and confrontational behavior." According to police, Cimini was tased, but continued acting aggressively, allegedly punching the EMT who was treating him in the face.

Once police were able to subdue the man, he was taken to Geisinger Community Medical Center to be treated for his injuries.

It was not immediately known whether Ciminio was under the influence of a substance during the incident.