Owner helping terminally ill dog complete epic bucket list

PENNSYLVANIA -- A dog in Pennsylvania doesn't have long to live, so her owner is trying to bring her as much joy as possible.

Together, they are working their way down a bucket list and recording it all for posterity, on social media.

Just some of the things they have done so far include: a drive through car wash, swimming for the first time and eating french fries at McDonalds. With just months to live, this beagle poodle mix is checking off an 81 item bucket list with her owner, Todd Burchanowski.

Reyes was diagnosed with Lymphoma just before Thanksgiving.

"It was the toughest day of my life," said Burchanowski.

Burchanowski is posting each adventure to Facebook.

Todd Burchanowski and his dog, Reyes.

Some things on the list are simple, there is number 43, which is build a snowman.

Others on the list are sweet. Number 66 on the list is taking a relaxing bubble bath.

There are elaborate posts that check off the boxes, like number 28, which is visit Niagara Fall and number 41, go outside of the United States.

And there is things on the list all dog owners can identify with, like number 12, which is watch a sunset with my best friend.

"We just wanted to do something special for her in her last days," Burchanowski said.

It seems to be striking a chord with people from across the country, who write back with words of encouragement.

The duo still needs to check off about 30 items.

"I try to giver her lot more hugs and kisses and treats these days," said Burchanowski.

It's a journey no one really wants to take -- especially with their best friend.