Ring-bearing owl pulls "party fowl" at wedding, attacks groomsman

Owl upstages wedding

A wedding in Cheshire, Britain, was a real hoot all thanks to an owl the couple hired to deliver the rings. Everything started out as planned when the handler released the animal and it landed on the arm of the best man.

However, when another groomsman pointed at the owl, the bird pulled a "party fowl" and went for him -- the man was so startled, you could have knocked him over with a feather.

Images from the winged attacker were snapped by photographer Stacey Oliver.

As for the bride and groom -- Jeni Arrowsmith, 30, and Mark Wood, 29 -- they thought it was hilarious.

Mrs. Wood told local media: "It was absolutely hilarious ... It was an amazing day for us both, and has give us great memories we will never forget."