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Overtime Mail: Since You Asked...

Each week, "60 Minutes Overtime" executive editor Bill Owens responds to letters and comments from viewers. If you have a comment or a question, e-mail him at

Letters To The Editor:

by ahire
Too bad the women providing commentary couldn't provide an accurate reference......Walhberg's buddy that is his "personal assistant and chauffeur" wouldn't be E from Entourage as she states - it would be Turtle.

If she (or anyone editing this piece) had even seen Entourage they would have known that a stocky, loud mouth, chauffeur wouldn't be the description of Eric Murphy at all. Funny thing is the guy who actually would be the real "E" is sitting in his office during most of the piece.

Some high level executives or producers are slacking on their homework - good piece aside from that though!

In fact, our online editor, Ann Silvio, is a big "Entourage" fan, and as a journalist she is a stickler for the facts. For your information, the "E" character is a combination of two of Mark's friends: Eric Weinstein and Steve Levinson.
Thanks for Watching.

by xavierNOW
I think the piece was "lacking." I think "glazing" over the fact that he took someone's eye out, a veteran no less, is horrible. Did he ever try to look the guy up, or see how he's doing? How is it he only served 45 days for a 3 year sentence and ends up a rich and famous man, while the Vietnamese war veteran ends up without an eye? It's wrong that 60 Minutes gives him this hero type of advertisement and not ask the hard questions such as addressing the worse thing he's done in life.

I don't think we glazed over any part of that terrible story. We reported the facts, asked Mark about it, and put the assault in context. Judging the parole process was not part of our story. Thank you for writing in and watching.

Tuan Muhd Syafiq Mike Tomlinson
I am so thankful for 60 Minutes Overtime. I grew up watching 60 Minutes but I always felt like part of the story was always missing in each segment - 60 Minutes Overtime fixes that! Only thing I can suggest is that you supply us with the e-mail addresses of the correspondents so we can communicate with the journalists more directly! At least an account that is read and managed regularly. Thanks 60 Minutes! keep up the good work.

Thank you very much for your note. We are very proud to have an experienced 60 Minutes viewer watching us online, too. As you see, we do read our emails and if you have any ideas or suggestions we d love to hear from you.
Thanks again.


Great Idea and great stories... I've been a fan for years. But you videos do not load for me. Other websites are no problem. I am computer savvy. Running XP, no firewall, AVG free virus program. better afterwards

Help me out.. I want to watch the extra footage... I want the fix!

Kent Felkins, Tulsa

Kent, We are very sorry you have had loading problems. We did have some inconsistencies our first few weeks, but they have been worked through. I'll run your note by our engineering team, though.