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Overtime Mail: Since You Asked...

Each week, "60 Minutes Overtime" executive editor Bill Owens responds to letters and comments from viewers. If you have a comment or a question, e-mail him at

Letters To The Editor:


I have been watching "60 Minutes" for years and years. It is only recently that post game takes over the knowledge provided by "60 Minutes." What is going on in this country? I could give a hoot as to what happened in the NFL compared to world events.
-Dan Ehren

When CBS Sports has a late football game, it sometimes runs late and past our start time on the East Coast. This doesn't happen every week and only during football season. The network tries to get to our program as quickly as it can after the game concludes. Thank you for watching and we hope our show is worth the wait.

Accusation That We "Censor" Posts:

Why cbs censored the word "function" puzzles me.
-by ouchitatom November 15, 2010 8:55 AM EST

We are puzzled about this post. No one at "60 Minutes" censored the word "function" in any of our posts, nor would we. The only thing we would ever omit, or take down, in a post is inappropriate language.