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Oversharing: Warning about TMI on the family car

DELAWARE, Ohio -- Using your car as a mobile billboard to tell the world all about your wonderful self and your wonderful family may, in fact, be just one more form of oversharing that's telling potential criminals what they want to know.

So says an Ohio search-and-rescue response team that's warning families about displaying those omnipresent stick figure decals on the family vehicle, reports CBS Cleveland.

"Our goal is that everyone thinks about the free information that they are providing to potential criminals," RACE Search and Rescue said. "Our families' safety is the most important thing."

RACE posted a picture on its Facebook page about how car family decals can tip off criminals, with an honor roll sticker showing where their kids go to school to a parking pass showing where they live. The group also states that stickers that depict any family members in the military could suggest they are away from home.

Police Chief Patrick O'Rourke of Derry Township, Pa., says these stickers just reveal too much personal information.

"The stick figure family may divulge too much information as to how many children are home, what ages they are, if you have a dog, if you don't," O'Rourke told WDRB-TV. "Be cautious about what you're putting on your vehicle. Be aware of what the ramifications may be."

RACE is a nonprofit search-and-rescue team.

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