Overcoming Telltale Signs Of Aging

No matter how good a woman looks, or how well she takes care of herself, there are ways to tell how old she is.

This month's issue of Health magazine tells how to spot the signs, and how you can try to hide or offset them.

Health's "age detective," Dr. Jan Garavaglia, a forensic pathologist who's in the business of spotting clues that help identify bodies, CSI-style), explains which subtle signs may reveal a woman's age, beyond the usual suspects such as crow's-feet and laugh lines. It turns out there are lots of head-to-toe indicators of whether a woman is 30-something, or more likely closing in on 50.

Health's executive editor, Lisa Delaney, visited The Early Show Friday to


A model, Diane, stood by as Delaney and co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez, and audience members tried to guess her age.

Delaney showed visual clues to help them guess how old Diane is. She also shared some simple fixes that could shave off 10 years!

To watch the segment,


To read the Health magazine article, click here.