Over four years later, Hillary Clinton's 2008 debt retired

SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO - JUNE 01: Democratic presidential hopeful U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) greets supporters as she arrives at her Puerto Rico primary night party June 1, 2008 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Senator Clinton won the democratic Puerto Rico primary by a large margin over her rival U.S. Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL).
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More than four years after ending her first run for president and a few years out from her potential 2016 bid, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has paid off all outstanding debts from her 2008 campaign, according to FEC forms submitted today.

Clinton, the early 2008 frontrunner who struggled to stay afloat amid accumulating backing from young voters for then-candidate Barack Obama, bowed out in June 2008 with a reported $25 million deficit. By September 30, that figure had been cut to $73,000. Bill Clinton in November distributed an email to his wife's list of supporters, asking for donations to help pay down her lingering debt in exchange for a chance to win a free trip to New York City to spend a day with the former president.

Now reporting zero debts and obligations, Mrs. Clinton has posted $204,800 cash on hand as of December 31.

With long-held plans to abdicate her cabinet post in the coming months, Mrs. Clinton and her husband have largely played coy when asked whether she will seek the White House in 2016; in an interview with "Face the Nation," the former president whet media interest when he said he had "no earthly idea" what his wife intended to do, but added he would support her if she chose to jump back in the fray.

Mrs. Clinton's through-the-charts approval rating, along with early polling, indicate she could be a worthy contender, but recent health complications involving a blood clot between her brain and her skull may be an inhibiting factor.

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