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Over 60 admirals, hundreds of Navy officers under scrutiny for scandal involving alcohol, prostitutes - report

Over 60 admirals and hundreds of Navy officers are now being investigated for contacts with Singapore tycoon and Malaysian defense contractor Leonard Glenn Francis, known as "Fat Leonard," the Washington Post reported Monday.

Francis paid off Navy officers with lavish dinners at some of the best restaurants in Asia, and he hosted after-dinner parties with booze and prostitutes -- affairs that sometimes lasted for days -- all in order to extract information to help give his company an advantage. Francis, who is based in Singapore, supplied Navy ships in international ports. 

The Navy confirmed to the Post that it's been examining 440 active-duty and retired personnel, in addition to the 28 individuals against whom the Justice Department has already filed criminal charges. Almost two dozen current and former Navy officers have admitted they accepted bribes from Francis. In September, retired U.S. Navy commander David Kapaun was sentenced Monday to 18 months in federal prison for lying about his relationship with "Fat Leonard," so nicknamed for his considerable heft -- he weighs about 350 pounds. Kapuan did not disclose having received dinners, hotel stays and prostitutes from Francis. 

Francis, who has admitted that he bribed Navy officials, is awaiting sentencing. 

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