Outburst over reclining seat causes another flight to be diverted

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A Delta Air Lines flight from New York to West Palm Beach, Florida, was diverted to Jacksonville because of a dispute between passengers over a reclining seat.

CBS affiliate WTEV in Jacksonville reports that Delta says the flight was diverted Monday night.

Passenger Aaron Klipin told Jacksonville station News 4 Jax that a woman sitting next to him got into an argument with a passenger behind her. The woman was trying to recline her seat while the other passenger was trying to sleep on the tray table.

Klipin says the woman who was trying to sleep started screaming. A flight attendant came over and the woman who was screaming demanded that the flight be diverted.

The plane landed in Jacksonville and continued on to West Palm Beach. Delta says local law enforcement removed the unruly woman from the plane.

The flight diversion is the third such incident in the U.S. in just over a week.

Last Thursday, an outburst over a reclined seat led an American Airlines flight to divert to Boston. Passenger Edmund Alexandre became upset after a woman reclined the seat in front of him on the Miami-to-Paris flight on Wednesday night, the Suffolk County district attorney's office said.

Last Sunday, a United Airlines flight diverted to Chicago after two passengers argued over reclining a seat.