Our World Spins Well Beyond Super Tuesday

Afghan police men stand inside a mosque after a suicide attack in Helmand province, south of Kabul, Afghanistan in this, Jan. 31, 2008 file photo. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice conceeded Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2008 that the Taliban has "by no means been defeated".
AP Photo
This column was written by CBS News Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith.
The dust is still settling on 2008's Super Tuesday. Soothsayers and shamans will be trying to tell us what it all means. But while we were obsessing over the primaries and caucuses, the world continued to spin.

Even as we hyperventilated about polls and trends, the director of national intelligence told a Senate panel Tuesday that Al Qaeda is still very much in business. New recruits are pouring in for training, including westerners who will no doubt eventually head to the United States for orders and an attack.

It has been how many years now since the 9/11 attacks? Director Mike McConnell said Bin Laden and company are not only still in business, but have begun training a new group of protégés. This grieves me and peeves me in a way that is difficult to restrain.

So for the next debate, let's start with the war on terror. Follow that by the resurgence of the heroin-funded Taliban. And if you hadn't noticed, the price of wheat has doubled since last summer. Candidates and voters, it is time to get serious.

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