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Ouch, Erin!

Ouch, Erin!

On her day-after interview on The Early Show, the most recent outcast from Survivor: Thailand revealed that her most rewarding moment was "the moment that I got to vote off Shii Ann."

Added Erin: "It is a strong statement. But I had wanted to vote her off probably from Day 2. And I kept her around only for strategy."

It was a weepy episode this time around on Survivor: Thailand. The Sook Jai went for their fourth time in a row to Tribal Council, giving Erin the boot. It perhaps comes as no surprise that Erin also had harsh words for her former tribemates during her Early Show interview.

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"I was extremely shocked when I was voted off," she said. "I'll definitely have a few words with Jake and Penny after...everything is said and done. But...right now, I'm very happy with how I played the game and where I stood. They have to live with the fact that they lied to me."

It seems that Jake and Penny had told her that, because they are fellow Texans, they and Erin would be in a "Texas alliance" and vote off Ken, the cop from New York.

"That's why you can never make assumptions in this game," Erin explained. "And when I went to Tribal Council, I actually felt a sigh of relief, thinking that I wasn't one to go. But I made the wrong assumption."

Already weakened in numbers, Sook Jai had 4 members compared to Chuay Gahn's 5. The Sook Jai were also visitors on the other tribe's beach as the two tribes continued to live together.

Along with the merriment of new company, there was obvious tension bubbling just below the surface with Jake scowling about Helen's endless "yaking" about recipes while Clay and Ted saw right through Penny's "butter" -- their term for fake sweetness.

In the meantime, Ken was disgusted by the habits of the male Chuay Gahn members, as the cave was pervaded with the stale smell of urine.

In the challenge, each tribe member was under water with a bamboo tube as a snorkel, and the greater combined time of each tribe garnered immunity. Penny and Jan came up for air immediately, and the others quickly followed, leaving Jake on the Sook Jai side and Brian on the Chuay Gahn battling for their teams. In the end, Jake was no match for Brian, sending the Sook Jai back to Tribal Council.

As the Sook Jai awaited their fate, they decided to eat their precious chicken they had brought to the camp before another of their team was voted off. Meanwhile, Jake had taken personal responsibility for losing immunity and the Sook Jai spent many emotional moments together discussing whether they should decide ahead of time who would be voted off.

After many tears were shed, the team headed to tribal council, red-eyed and sniffling. A dramatic vote was held, and it seemed the only one not in consensus for who to vote off was Erin.

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