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Osteen's Picture Of A Happy Family

Victoria Osteen and her husband, Joel, are co-pastors of the Lakewood Church in Houston, which has more than 38,000 congregants. She is also the author of a new children's picture book called "Unexpected Treasures."

"This is a book that just brings families together. It teaches just good character traits about friendship and teamwork and that you can make it if you don't give up. And so that's what we want to instill in our children, the fact that they can make it, that they can really do great things and they can make a difference," Osteen told Early Show co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez.

Although there are several references to God in the book, Osteen thinks that people of other faiths or even no faith can relate to this book.

"Oh, absolutely. We all want our children to grow up and be full of character and full of integrity. And that's what this book teaches. This just teaches good life principles. So I believe people will enjoy reading this book to their children. We all want to be good parents. No matter what we feel about ourselves, we want our children to be better than we are. So I believe it will be a great book to bring people together," she said.

With two kids, Alexandra, 10 and Jonathan, 13, and busy a schedule, Osteen stresses making time for your family and prioritize family so that the "beautiful, precious moments" don't slip by.

"And that's what I love about books. Because you can take 15 minutes with your children and really open up such dialogue when you build a foundation of communication. So that's what's so great about reading. It opens up those doors to communicate," she said.

With 38,000 congregants, the Osteens have to make time for home and their children. She explained that your family deserves the best - not just the "leftovers."

"We minister to people, but we don't want to forget to minister to our family," she said.

Osteen says that she has found the key to happy children.

"First, you say that every parent should ask him or herself, 'Do you set an honest example,'" Rodriguez said.

"More is caught than taught. They are going to see what we do, not just what we say," she said. "I think gratitude is one of the greatest things we can give our children. Just for the simple things. Just to say 'I'm so glad today for my parents, for my dog.' I made a conscious decision, when my children walk into the room, I'm going to smile at them. They can't read my mind, but they can read my face and a smile is an open heart."