Osteen's Optimism

Today I visited with one of the most inspirational people I know -- Joel Osteen, pastor of the Lakewood Church in Houston. Osteen took over the old Houston Summit a few years ago (that was where we used to cheer on the NBA's Rockets) and he packs the house every Sunday with over 40,000 worshippers of all races and economic and social backgrounds. His reach even extends well beyond our shores to South Korea, Australia and points in between.

Although he has taken some heat for his relentlessly optimistic messages of hope, Osteen has been steadfast in his core belief that all of us, in every religion, are children of God and as such, we deserve happiness and peace. Osteen's new book, "Become A Better You: Seven Keys To Improving Your Life Every Day," provides a blueprint for life. Its underlying theme is one of living for others: our co-workers, our children, our spouses -- even the waiter at the local restaurant. In essence, says Osteen, it is in blessing others that we are blessed, and it takes effort on our part to reach the full potential that is in all of us. To grown inwardly, we need to focus outward -- something that at once lifts us out of the trials and worries of our own lives, while at the same time positively affects all of those we come in contact with each day. He challenges us to try to make someone else's day better and to get into that habit. He promises that the one who will ultimately reap the reward is you. Osteen's message provides a roadmap.

Check out our interview and also our chat where Osteen and his wife and co-pastor, Victoria,

from The Early Show audience.

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