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Two armed students shot by police at different Wisconsin high schools in two days

2 armed students shot by Wis. cops in 2 days
Two armed students shot by police at different Wisconsin schools in two days 02:04

For the second time this week, a Wisconsin community is reeling after an armed student was shot by police on a high school campus. A 16-year-old student was shot Tuesday after he allegedly stabbed a police resource officer at Oshkosh West High School, officials said.

The day before, around 70 miles away in Waukesha, a 17-year-old student was shot after police said he threatened an officer with a pellet gun.

In Tuesday's incident, the first emergency calls came shortly after 9 a.m., CBS News correspondent Dean Reynolds reports.

"I believe I have a very bad wrist injury that was bleeding very bad. I got one student I believe is shot," the officer is heard saying in a 911 call. 

Officials said the student stabbed the police department resource officer in his office on campus.

"At which time the officer fired on the student, striking the student one time. Life-saving measures were provided to both the officer and the suspect in this incident," Oshkosh Police Chief Dean Smith said.

The officer and the student were hospitalized. Both are expected to recover.

Students were evacuated from school and later reunited with their parents. One parent, Tim Appleton, said he got a text from his son saying, "I'm okay."

"He said, 'I have to stay silent now, the police are sweeping the school,'" Appleton said.  

On Monday at the Waukesha South High School, a resource officer shot a 17-year-old student after he threatened the officer with a pellet gun, officials said. The student first pointed the pellet gun at a fellow student, but police had limited information about the suspect's motive.

"He was angry. He was angry," said Dan Baumann, the Waukesha Police Department captain. "Angry at another student."

The suspect then threatened the responding officer, and that's when 11-year veteran Sergeant Brady Esser shot him once in the leg and twice in the arm. The suspect was put in handcuffs as officials applied tourniquets to stop the bleeding. Police later found another pellet gun in the student's backpack.

"There could be multiple felony charges on this incident," Baumann said.

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