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Oscars 2017: "Hidden Figures" star Glen Powell salutes Bill Paxton on the red carpet

Glen Powell interview

Glen Powell took time out on the Oscars red carpet to pay tribute to pal Bill Paxton. 

The “Hidden Figures” star met Paxton when they worked together on the 2013 indie film “Red Wing,” and Paxton left an immediate impression on the young actor. The two recently completed filming another project together. 

“Bill Paxton passed away last night, and he was the first guy I called when I got ‘Hidden Figures,’” Powell said. “I just want to give him a shoutout and say we love you, Bill. It’s a huge, huge loss, especially being that young.”

“What a sensational human being,” he said. “What a tender, generous guy with his time and talents.”

Powell recalled reaching out to Paxton for advice on embodying the role of astronaut John Glenn. 

“He was always obsessed with space. He was always obsessed with the romance of space and what it meant,” he said. “We spoke during the whole research part of this movie. I was asking him about all the capsule stuff. He’s got copious notes from when he did ‘Apollo 13.’”

Powell also spoke about the potentially contentious political atmosphere the annual awards show, noting that he himself was aiming to keep things positive. 

“Here’s the thing: I’m really proud to be part of a movie that’s about healing and coming together to accomplish great things,” Powell said. “However people decide to use their soapbox, that’s how they use it. I’m just really proud to be part of a movie with a really positive message.”

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