Oscars 2011: No Racial Diversity for Nominees

Oscar Nominees 2011: "Black Swan," "The King's Speech," "The Social Network."
Oscar Nominees 2011: "Black Swan," "The King's Speech," "The Social Network."

NEW YORK (CBS) Perhaps it can be called the ultimate Oscar snub.

Every single one of this year's Academy Award nominees in all of the major categories is white. Aside from Best Actor nominee Javier Bardem (a Spaniard), an obvious lack of diversity is drawing confusion and criticisms alike from mainstream media outlets.

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"Where's the diversity at the Oscars?," wonders CNN International, while another headline from The Atlantic Monthly asks, "Why are the...Oscars still so white?" And AOL PopEater's Jo Piazza calls this year's event "The whitest Oscars in ten years."

Piazza is right - the nominees collectively represent the most racially homogeneous group of nominees in a decade. And, on top of the acting categories, every Best Director nominee this year is also white.

Such a lack of racial diversity becomes even clearer after even just a brief glance of the collective nominees, evidenced here on this Los Angeles Times "cheat sheet"

But, there are some who say that the uproar may be an overreaction. On his Wall Street Journal blog, Gordon Deal says he doesn't see what "the point is" if this year's red carpet is "splashed with a lot of vanilla." Deal argues that Hollywood will do anything to make a buck, and that they pick the talent which will bring them the most returns at the box office.

What are your thoughts on this year's Oscar nominees and the lack of racial diversity?

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