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Oscar Winners: No Surprises

Sunday's Academy Awards for acting all went to the frontrunners but that did not stop the winners from looking surprised.

An hour after her win, Charlize Theron was still trying to grasp her "Best Actress" triumph, The Early Show reports.

"Who knows, it might never happen again," says Theron, who won theOscar for her portrayal of a real-life serial killer in "Monster."

"I have my mom and my boyfriend here and my manager. I'm going to meet up with my friends. I think being around that energy, I'll get to truly enjoy this. But it's been quite wonderful."

Theron was the favorite for the award. Also as expected, Renee Zellwegger won Best Supporting Actress for "Cold Mountain."

She said, "It's what interests me most, you know. The more that you can change yourself, the more removed the character is from your own experiences. The more rewarding it is, I find creatively."

After three consecutive nominations, she finally made her way to the stage to accept the statuette. What was on her mind?

"Disbelief, obviously. Shock," she says, "And hoping I can handle this dress."

Both Oscar-winning actors were from the same movie, "Mystic River." Sean Penn, the year's Best Actor, also earned a standing ovation. Penn seemed to take an existential view of his entire Oscar experience.

He said, "It's all one thing. And it will either go on or I'll die in an eternal darkness at some point, but in the meantime, here we are."

Tim Robbins was named Best Supporting Actor for playing a victim of child abuse in "Mystic River." In his speech, he implored abuse victims to come forward and get help.

He said, "There is no shame and no weakness in seeking help and counseling."

To Entertainment Contributor Jess Cagle he said, "I didn't actually know what I was going to say after the thank you, so I was trying to formulate that. And I decided at the last minute to talk about abuse victims."

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