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What happens when a giant hot dog on wheels slams into a pole?

With the snow making it difficult for drivers on the roads, one vehicle--the Oscar Mayer "wienermobile," was damaged in an accident Sunday
The Oscar Mayer "wienermobile" gets into an accident 00:24

ENOLA, Pa. -- An iconic Oscar Mayer Wienermobile has crashed into a utility pole in central Pennsylvania.

Jesse Knutson of CBS affiliate WHP-TV tweeted a photo of the vehicle after the crash:

Officials say the giant hot dog on wheels slid off a road and slammed into a pole on Sunday in Enola, near Harrisburg.

No injuries were reported. The front of the 27-foot Wienermobile was damaged. One of the vehicle's front windshield was completely shattered.

The crash snarled local traffic.

Oscar Mayer has several Wienermobiles it uses to promote and advertise products across the country.

More from WHP-TV:

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