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Oscar Films Go DVD As Theater Owners Balk

Movie buffs need not to worry if they missed any of the Oscar-winning or Oscar-nominated films this year. Now, they can enjoy them in the comfort of their own home - p.j.'s and all.

As Entertainment Weekly's Dalton Ross pointed out earlier this week on The Early Show, most of the .DVD releases were pegged to dates just before or just after the Oscars ceremony.

And the flood of Oscar DVDs arrived just as theater owners are engaged in a battle with producers over how quickly some movies leave the box office.

At issue is Disney's planned DVD release of the whismical "Alice and Wonderland," just three months after it opens at the box office.

Disney's move is upsetting some theater owners, who say a short period between theatrical debut and DVD release will eat into movie profits, though it might help Disney's DVD sales.

The issue is a key one that keeps coming up at this year's ShoWest event where studios show off their stars, films and trailers to promote upcoming releases.

Academy Award winner for Best Picture, "The Hurt Locker," which only made a few million at the box office compared to its Academy Awards competitor "Avatar," is now available on DVD.

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Another Oscar-nominated movie, "Precious" that had to fight to get seen is also now out on DVD. It stars Mo'Nique who took home Best Supporting Actress trophy.

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Also out on DVD is Quentin Tarantino's "Inglourious Basterds," which in Ross' opinion, "was a movie that probably should have won best director."

"Tarantino is one of the geniuses of our time. This is arguably...I think it's the best thing he's ever done," Ross said. "And a great performance. He's fluent in four different languages. It is violent, but lots of quiet moments, as well."

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"Up," an Oscar-nominated crowd pleaser for all ages, is also available on DVD. Although it has its sad moments, where you'll go through a box of Kleenex in five minutes, it's worth watching, according to Ross.

Now for a DVD release that is literally out of this world - "Avatar."

Audiences can embark on another journey with the Na'vi with the blockbuster coming to DVD, but not yet in 3-D.

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Twentieth Century Fox has announced that James Cameron's sci-fi epic will be released on Blu-ray and regular DVD on April 22. The studio noted that the release date coincides with the 40th anniversary of Earth Day.

No announcement was made regarding a 3-D DVD release, but a Fox spokesman said one can be expected in the future. The market for 3-D home video is still in the nascent stages, though TVs equipped for 3-D are increasingly being produced.

The DVDs won't include special features. Producer Jon Landau said in a statement that the lack of extras was done to improve picture and sound quality.

The announcement comes while "Avatar," which won three Oscars, remains in the top-10 at the box office. It has earned more than $730 million domestically.

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