Orphans of the Quake

Arden Farhi is a CBS News digital journalist based in New York. He's been reporting from Haiti since Thursday.

Their faces don't always tell the story of what's happened here. You see smiles on their faces, their youthful ignorance on display.

Haiti's Orphans

Some day these orphans will understand the tragedy that befell their home. For now they're at the mercy of the aid workers.

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The orphanage we visited Sunday received a delivery of food and drink from the Red Cross as we arrived. Still, they only had enough water on hand for one more day. Since the earthquake the orphanage has received 10 new residents.

Today we met 78 more orphans, stricken to the sidewalk after their three-story, concrete home could not withstand the earthquake's tremors. 56 children died.

So far the surviving orphans have yet to receive aid.