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Oregon State Legislature Rick Roll

(CBS) - Oregon state has solved the partisan divide in our country thanks to the healing powers of Rick Astley. The State House, comprised of thirty Democrats and thirty Republicans, came together for a hilarious Rick Roll. For those who've missed out on this internet meme, Rick Rolling is the art of using the lyrics from Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" in normal conversation. The video above is one of the greatest examples of this trend's absurd charm.

Democrat Jefferson Smith came up with the idea for this joke. The video was originally released on April 1st, but has only recently started making waves. Smith told NPR, "It's silly fun, it's a mild break from much of what we're seeing in national politics."

Funny enough, the Rick Roll has appeared on the national level. Anyone who missed out on this VIDEO during the 2008 campaign should take a look.

Rep. Smith emphasized in the interview - and in the video - that no tax dollars were used in the making of the clip.

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