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Oregon daycare managers seen smoking bong near children

SALEM, Ore. - A daycare facility is under investigation after its owner and its manager were seen taking hits from a bong several feet away from where children were playing, CBS affiliate KOIN reports.

Charity Araujo and Moriah Jaeger were caught on camera smoking marijuana next to a play area outside of their childcare business, Alphabet Learning Academy, about 45 miles south of Portland.

This is not the first time the establishment has been in trouble. The Oregon Department of Human Services had previously received a complaint of "drug usage at the day care," according to KOIN.

The Department of Education's Office of Child Care also had previous allegations of "drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana" at the 24-hour day care.

Their daycare license was under Charity Araujo's name and suspended in February "due to CPS contact for not supervising the children." The daycare then re-opened in April under the name, Moriah Jaeger, Araujo's daughter. The location was moved to their current site, says the station.

In late May, the Oregon Department of Education received a complaint about partial nudity and a lewd gesture being made while two children were there, according to KOIN.

A separate complaint said "a party appeared to be going on in the backyard. The adults on site were all drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana. All of the adults on site were smoking marijuana at the same time (6 or 7 adults.)"

The daycare's license has now been suspended until further investigation takes place, according to the station.