Only 5 percent of Arizona fire under control

The U.S. Forest Service says crews have the Arizona wildfire contained by only 5 percent, down from 6 percent yesterday. Around 22,000 more acres have burned in the past 24 hours, bringing the total to 430,000 acres, and the fire is now moving into New Mexico.

CBS News correspondent Bill Whitaker reports that, as the winds picked up today, so did the anxiety that gusts will scatter embers and rapidly spread this wildfire, which is already Arizona's second largest on record.

Arizona ranch owner Billy Wiltbank said it's hard to not know what's going to happen.

"You fear for your life. You fear for your family," Wiltbank said.

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The Wiltbank family has owned and built the Sprucedale Ranch for 70 years, as both a working ranch and a tourist ranch. But last week, when the winds shifted the Forest Service showed up and gave them just 15 minutes to clear out. They had no time to move their horses, so they released them.

"We just had to let them fend for themselves," said Whitney Wiltbank, a ranch hand.

Whitney said before they left they watched the fire spin like a tornado, go up in the air, and then crash down five miles away.

CBS News correspondent Karen Brown reports that officials have another worry besides the flames: extremely hazardous air quality. They say for the residents that have stayed and the firefighters at work, the level of soot in the air is dangerously off the charts.

Levels of tiny, sooty particles from the smoke in eastern Arizona were nearly 20 times the federal health standard on Saturday, reports the Associated Press. The good news was that was down from roughly 40 times higher a day earlier, but it was all at the mercy of the ever-changing winds. The microscopic particles, about 1/28th the width of a human hair, can get lodged in the lungs and cause serious health problems, both immediate and long-term.

More than 10,000 people have evacuated as the fire has now destroyed at least 30 homes and spread into a second state.