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Online Jihadist Proposes Plan To Attack Eilat From Jordan , Egypt or Saudi

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A member of a militant Islamist Internet forum proposed a plan to launch a missile attack on the Israeli port of Eilat from nearby Arab lands. The posting on the Mojahideen website drew attention to the fact that Eilat was trapped between the cities of Haql in Saudi Arabia (25 km), Taba in Egypt (5 km) and Aqaba in Jordan (5km). "So why not look into striking it from all three or maybe just two fronts?" exclaimed the member who calls himself "Mowaten Mqhur."

Mqhur included a still picture showing what he claimed is a U.S. warship docked at the port of Eilat, with the Jordanian port of Aqaba showing in the background. He also included a map indicating the position of all three cities with respect to Eilat.

"Praise to God, rockets are very easy to make, so why not prepare for a well-planned strategic operation using short-range rockets with chemical or biological agents?" he added the blogger.

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