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Online Greetings Get Snazzier

Okay, so the only birthday cards you got this year were sent by email. And they all played a tinny sounding "Happy Birthday to You." Don't fret it's the thought that counts, but you might want to email your friends and relatives a link to a site called

"It is free. You would download an application and from your hard drive you would create your own cards. You're able to import your own photographs, you're able to record your own voice and you're able to personalize your message with only your imagination as the limit."

Robert Naify of Broderbund, which has just acquired 3dgreetings and will be including the software in new versions of its old favorite Print Shop software. It's a good match and the 3dgreetings site will remain free. If you have pictures that have been scanned, on CD, disk or from a digital camera, you can create great animated slide shows to share your photos by email...(sound)

"And many of the greetings are interactive as well. You don't merely press play and let the greeting play out. Here it's asking you to click on the camera..."
And it animates the display of your photos. The people you send the 3dGreetings to don't need any special software to see them and they don't need to go to a special web site either. 3dGreetings runs on Windows....a Mac version is in the works.

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