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Online Facebook conversation leads to capture of burglary suspects

Michael and Kimberly Edgerton CBS New York

(CBS) PARK RIDGE, N.J. - Police have arrested a pair of siblings who allegedly broke into a home after using Facebook to make sure no one was home.

Police credit the burglary victim, Nicole Mineo, for uncovering the clues that led investigators to brother and sister suspects Michael and Kimberly Edgerton.

CBS New York reports Mineo said she recalled a strange conversation with her friend Kimberly on Facebook the day of the burglary, in which she asked where her family was.

"It was just too fishy, all the questions she was asking me," she said. "Maybe I did feed her too much information about where my family was, but then again I'm not too hard on myself because I thought they were close friends."

"Without that information this case may not have been solved," said Sgt. James Babcock of the Park Ridge Police Department.

"They took both of our Apple computers," Mineo said. "And from my room they took my entire jewelry box," she said.

Acting on that Mineo's tip, police went to the home Kimberly and Michael share with their mother. While there, authorities found an earring that Nicole identified as hers.

The brother and sister were arrested soon after.

"It's just weird to think people you let into your life for years would do something like this," Mineo said. "Desperate people do desperate things. I'll forgive them because I was raised to forgive people."

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