Online dating downsides, romantic tattoo gone wrong: HealthPop Valentine's Day video

An extensive new study shows that online dating is no better than doing it the old fashioned way; Also, an 83-year-old woman in Belgium receives the first lower jaw implant - made by a 3D printer; And, turns out - tattooing your penis isn't a good idea.

On this week's HealthPop video - Valentine's Day edition:

  • A woman with a bone-eating infection got a new jaw from a 3-D printer. How did this sci-fi sounding surgery come to be?
  • A review of online dating sites asks the question, is finding a mate on the web the most effective way to find love?
  • And last, but certainly not least for one guy, a man gave himself medical problems for life when he tried to get a romantic tattoo for his girlfriend...down there.

Find out the scoop on these stories from's Nick Dietz in this week's HealthPop video.