One second of travel to every country in the world

(CBS News) Your blogger here loves to travel. And while I have had the good fortune to visit quite a few countries over time, the dream is to one day travel all over the world and attempt to see every country. But that's probably not really possible... or is it? Watch one man display one second of himself traveling to every country in the world above. It's a total trip! (Ba-dum-bump!)

You can seriously color me green with envy right now. The amazing expedition took place from Jan. 2009 - Dec. 2012 and was posted on YouTube by Graham Hughes who writes:

Ever wanted to travel to EVERY COUNTRY in the world* in less than four minutes? Well now thanks to Graham Hughes - the first person to visit all 201 nations of the world without flying - YOU CAN!! *plus 15 assorted territories

Now, I'm going to point out that the number of nations recognized in the world varies from country to country. (And we don't like to get involved in politics on The Feed.) But with that out of the way, a big triple-rainbow salute of inspiring, world traveler (literally!) goes out to Graham from us here at The Feed for this fast-paced and fun trek around the globe! And if you'd like to learn more about Graham Hughes and his amazing travels, be sure to visit his website by clicking here.